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Worldwide links to Community Media sites
related to the movement for the Freedom of Speech.

Non-profit Media Organizations and Documents:
(Radio and television relevance)

American Community Television
Adbusters Media Foundation
Alliance for Community Media (USA)
AMARC World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio & Communication (BNNRC)
Benton Foundation promotes public interest values and noncommercial services  through research and policy analysis, outreach to nonprofits and foundations, and print, video and online publishing.
The Buske Group an useful site with U.S. public access documentation

Center for Public Integrity
- a nonprofit organization dedicated to producing original, responsible investigative journalism on issues of public concern.
Community Broadcasting Ass. of Australia

Community Media Association

Community Media Database (USA)
Community Media Forum Europe to strengthen the participation of the Third Media Sector in European discussion and decision-making processes (Brussels-based international NGO)

Deep Dish TV Network
New York

DN! Democracy Now A daily news program pioneering
the largest community media collaboration in the U.S.

Downtown Community TV Center New York
Free Speech TV - Programming service for activist, community-based alternative media
Freedom Archives (USA) historical hot audio materials

Freedom of Expression Network (USA)

IFEX - International Freedom of Expression eXchange a network of non-profit watchdogs who monitor press freedom around the world
Independent Media Center 
INDYMEDIA - a grassroots organization
committed to using media production and distribution promoting social and economic justice

Institute of Local Television & Television Trust for Scotland(UK)
International Women's Media Foundation (IWMF)

Media Working Group (USA) a non-profit media production, education, research and development organization
OLON - Organisation for Local Radio & TV in the Netherlands
Open Channels for Europe

Paper Tiger Television
New York
Public Access Awareness Association (USA)
Public Access (USA)
Reclaim the Media a grassroots media organization
WACC World Association for Christian Communication
Waves of Change: The Many Voices of the Global Village


Declaration of Cajamar at the International Seminar "Media for Citizenship in the Electronic Age: Community Television and New Technologies" 1996 (Brazil)
Remarks to the FCC’s Localism Task Force by R. Sean McLaughlin President & CEO, Akaku: Maui Community TV 2004
Localism and Diversity In Action Keynote speech before the Alliance for Community Media 2001 by FCC Commissioner Gloria Tristani
Making Waves Stories of Participatory Communication for Social Change

Documents on Community Media in the European Union - Submissions and position papers for the EU and Council of Europe
Government Report on the future for Public Access Radio & TV
in Sweden (2004)
Report on Community Media in Europe European Parliament resolution 2008

How will digital TV serve the public's needs?

"We can make our most powerfully effective medium a powerful force for expanding democracy. Free TV time [as part of Broadcasters' public interest obligations] can help free our democracy from the grip of big money....

That's the least we can ask of broadcasters, who are given access to the public airwaves worth billions of dollars at no cost, with only the requirement that they meet a basic public obligation."

President Bill Clinton 1997

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